We meet in front of the pub Vančar in Čezsoča or in our office in the center of Bovec at a pre-arranged time. Together we travel to the start which is usually by Boka waterfall. There we will distribute the necessary and obligatory equipment for rafting; the neoprene suit, weindcheater, life jacket, helmet and neoprene shoes. We devide into groups of 4 to 8 people and together carry the boats to the water. The guide gives instructions for safe paddling and information of the dangeres en-route. There follows two hours of paddling, fun and swimming in the emerald green Soča.

We recommend that you bring with you a swim suit, towell and dry clothes.

Rafting na Soči Rafting na Soči


Soča - Čezsoča
Čezsoča - Srpenica
Boka - Trnovo
Zmuklica - Trnovo
Zmuklica - Srpenica

These are runs of 2 to 3 difficulty ratings and are also suitable for beginners as well as experienced rafters.

The choice of run is decided by the height of the water in the river.

Rafting na Soči Rafting na Soči


The season runs from 15th March to 30th October every day.

We recommend you reserve at least one day in advance.

The trips start at 9.00, 12.00 and 15.00 hours.

For larger groups it is possible to arrange another time more suitable to the group.


VAll participants are insured by the Insurance brokers Triglav d.d.

It is the responsibility of the guests to be in good health, know how to swim, are not under the influence of alcohol and co-operate to the best of their abilities in the atmosphere of the trip and to the safety of the whole team.

Rafting na Soči Rafting na Soči


The guides are experts in their field, they have many years experiance as tourist guides, a cerificate of expertise for guides RZS and compete in competitions both at home and abroad.

To name but a few, third place in the world cup and third place in the European rafting league.

Rafting for two

For individuals, we recommend a raft for two people. You can also take a child with you. It is possible to rent that sort of boat or an experienced guide can take you.

Rafting v dvoje


The equipment is of the best quality and tested according to the european standards. The boats have five chambers, on the bottom of which there are special ropes for the feet. Sporting activities take place on the terrain which is suitable for your knowledge and level of experience and you will not be placed in unnecessary danger.

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